Chicago Volvo XC60 gets R-Design

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When the XC60 was released, Volvo referred to it as their safest car ever. You can read more about it, but the general gist of it is that it is the safest car that Volvo had ever created, with the most impressive safety features on the market. But now, Volvo has decided to take it up another notch and give this extreme-safety car their R-Design, a model that will have not only safety regulators excited, but sports car enthusiasts as well.

The new Chicago Volvo XC60 will have a much sportier drive than before. It will boast more-direct steering, giving it quicker response and better handling. But since the R-Design has not actually undergone any under-the-hood modifications, it will remain just as safe as before. In fact, it should be safer than before with improved steering.

All of the modifications, aside from the better handling and steering, are purely aesthetic. The new R-Design will be faster looking than ever with all of its new features. According to a Volvo dealer in Chicago, the new model will be receiving sport seats, complete leather trim with R-Design logos, sports instrument dials, an R-Design steering wheel and plenty of other added touches to makes the vehicle one you’ll never want to leave.

This new XC60 made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show and is expected to arrive in U.S. showrooms sometime in spring 2010. So keep checking local Chicago Volvo XC60 dealers to find out more about its release.

Even though Volvo has not made changes under the hood on this safe ride, they have come up with an amazing new design with great handling. Chicago Volvo XC60 dealers are sure that their customers will be able to appreciate the new, fast look, and the Volvo safety features that they have come to count on. So if safety, great handling, fun driving, and a hot new look sound like a great deal to you, check in with your local Chicago Volvo dealer to find out when you can get your hands on the new XC60 sometime next spring.


Chicago Volvo dealers will soon feature Diesel PHEVs

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volvo pluginDuring the upcoming 36 months, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are expected to roll off assembly lines in full force. The PHEV has been discussed and tried before, but never by major manufacturers. That will be changing, as many major carmakers are working on PHEV models for upcoming years. Volvo Chicago dealers are looking forward to just that, as Volvo has partnered with Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall to produce a PHEV by 2012.

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Chicago Volvo XC60 3.2 Pricing Announced

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Volvo has priced its new XC60 at $32,395

Volvo has priced its new XC60 at $32,395

Volvo has announced its pricing for its new version of the XC60, the 3.2, an entry-level XC60 that will feature the normally aspirated 3.2-liter engine that powers the base S80.  While the XC60 is available in its current form at Chicago Volvo XC60 dealers right now, the XC60 3.2 will arrive later this year.

This XC60, which Chicago Volvo dealers are saying is the safest Volvo to date, has been met with a wonderful receptions from car buyers.  Now, car buyers can get the same safety along with better fuel economy in the XC60 3.2, which has been priced at a wonderful (drum roll, please) $32,395 to start. Additional packages will be available, such as technology, multimedia, climate, and convenience packages all there to make your life easier. And considering the safety and features this small SUV has to offer and this is a pretty reasonable number.

235 hp along with 27 mpg on the highway, this newer XC60 option gets the best of both worlds. Plus, its “City Safety” system comes standard. The system was developed for those times when you’re sitting in stop-and-go traffic, lose concentration momentarily, and fail to realize that the car in front of you is stopping. “City Safety” will stop the car for you if it senses a collision with the vehicle in front of you is imminent.

So if you’re looking to buy new volvo in Chicago, keep in mind how well priced this new XC60 is and how much you actually get for your money. With good horsepower along with solid fuel efficiency, and awesome safety features coming standard, the new XC60 is worth every penny. And you can’t go wrong with the 3.2-liter engine that powers Volvo’s flagship sedan.

Volvo- The Game

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"Volvo- The Game" hit the internet in late May

"Volvo- The Game" hit the internet in late May

Thanks to Volvo and Sweedish video game studio SimBin, we can all test drive Volvos without having to ever leave the comfort of our couches. Sort of.

Volvo- The Game hit the Internet in late May to thousands of excited gaming fans, and even excited people who had never seen a gaming system before but loved the idea of driving Volvos around their living rooms. The game, which can be downloaded onto computers from, is easy to navigate, handle, and best of all, is completely free.

According to our area Chicago Volvo dealership, the game is available on all PCs. It also comes with three difficulty levels, so even the computer-game-challenged, such as myself, can win every once in a while. And for those a little more advanced in their skills, they have incorporated the element of competition with a public leader board and prizes for those who dominate.

As another exciting feature, the game lets you race concept models such as the S60 concept, which hopefully someday soon we will see at our local Chicago Volvo dealership. It also lets you race other models on two highly detailed race tracks, with extremely realistic graphics.

Volvo- The Game has been taking over living rooms everywhere and rightfully so. In a long line of racing video games, Volvo has now taken its place in the simulated racing genre and is impressing many Volvo fans and gaming fans alike.

Volvo S40 Chicago test drive

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Volvo has been playing its cards correctly with its design transition.  Each generation looks less and less like the safe styling of Volvos gone by, yet the metamorphosis has been so seamless and gradual, it has seemed completely natural.  A real pinnacle of Volvo’s artistic language is found in the Volvo S40.

volvo s40

The Volvo S40 is impressive.  The exterior design does not change so much that it seems odd.  There is no mistaking the clearly Volvo touches on this car.  But the S40 definitely comes through with a smoother, sportier stance.  During my Volvo S40 Chicago test drive at the Chicago Volvo dealer, I wanted to find out just what made this S40 different from its predecessors.

So what’s new?

  • Center console:  You can now customize the console, including opting for actual oak, and it now flows into the rear of the cabin for a more unified look.
  • Finer leather:  If you are shopping for a Chicago Volvo S40 you will now have an option to select a finer grain of leather than has previously been available for your seats.
  • Audio compatibility:  The S40 will now have an iPod-specific port and a USB port.  It can play all file forms on CDs and blasts it all out with its new Premium Sound package that is comprised of a digital amplifier from Alpine, Dolby Pro Logic II Surround and loudspeakers from Dynaudio.

Admittedly, I cranked the music up a bit too loud during my test drive, but it sounded so great.  In all, there are minor changes to the car’s design from it’s second-generation coming out party in 2008.

The interior and exterior design are just top-notch.  I put the S40’s looks in the category of more expensive luxury sedans.  The ride in the cabin is so pleasant, and the handling and acceleration leave nothing to be desired, at least for me.

The S40 comes as front-wheel-drive or AWD, and there are two engine choices and two transmission options.  Transmissions include the six-speed manual or five-speed automatic with Geartronic manual shifting mode.  The base engine is a 2.4-liter inline-five that produces 168 horsepower at 6000 rpm.  Meanwhile, the T5 model spits out 227 horsepower at 5000 rpm.

I was driving the 2.4-liter inline-five for my spin, and I had no complaints about performance.  The T5 must really scoot.  Overall, this is a fantastic option for anyone not wanting to pay the large sums for mid-level and some-entry level “luxury” sedans.  This car is said to fit into the niche just below the entry-level luxury segment.  You could have fooled me.  With all its elegance inside and out, the Volvo S40 is luxury no matter what segment its placed in.

Chicago Volvo service: 6 tips for summer driving

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CarRepairIt’s that time of year again, when people all over Chicago start cooking outdoors, taking evening strolls, and failing to prepare their cars for summer.  What’s that?  You thought winter was the only season you had to prepare your vehicle for?  Guess again.

Something most drivers don’t realize is that summer can be every bit as rough on a vehicle as winter.  But not to worry, your Chicago Volvo service team is here to get you through this.  Here are our 6 tips that should keep you enjoying the summer in your Volvo.

  • Check your air conditioning –  It’s a wonderful spring day and your windows are down, the breeze playing flirtatiously with those few strands of hair draping over your forehead.  Who needs air conditioning?  Well, try fast-fowarding a couple of months to Taste of Chicago weather, when the sun is beating down, the temperature rivals that of a Hammond steel mill, and the air is more humid than chicken soup.  What I’m getting at is that I think you’ll want your air conditioning to be in top shape at some point, and finding out there is a problem with it in July is a lot less fun than fixing it before the heat arrives.  The stress summer’s heat puts on your car’s air conditioning can take its toll, especially on an already weak A/C system.  Have your system checked by a trained Chicago Volvo service professional before you begin relying on it every day.
  • Check your coolant – An engine without proper coolant protection is a disaster waiting to happen in the dog days of summer.  Overheating is the one of the biggest causes of summer breakdowns.  Make sure your coolant has the proper cooling protection, and check to make sure your levels are consistent.  If you have to add coolant on a regular basis, you have a leak and need to get your car in for service.  If your “check coolant” light ever pops on, be sure to get your vehicle into a Chicago Volvo service center to have the coolant level checked.
  • Test your battery – The extreme temperatures of summer can be tougher on your battery than cold weather.  That is one reason more manufacturers are moving the location of the battery out of the engine compartment where it is away from the added heat of the engine.  The health of your battery can be tested with specialized equipment by a Chicago Volvo service technician.
  • Pay attention to your tires –  A lot of people would think tires are more of a winter concern due to snow and ice.  Warmer temperatures, especially on a long trip, can really test the integrity of your tires.  Check your tires before they let you down in the middle of nowhere.  Under- or over-inflated tires cause poor fuel economy and uneven wear on the tread.  Worn tires cause accidents during summer months when the roads are traveled the most.
  • Change your oil regularly – Regular oil changes are always a necessary practice, but they are more important in the summer.  The extreme heat causes oil to break down faster, leaving your engine unprotected.  You also want to pay attention to you summer miles.  Most drivers use their cars more during warmer months, so you may need to change you car’s oil more frequently during the summer.
  • Clean your car –  Not only does a clean car make driving more fun and give you more pride in your vehicle, a car that is routinely kept clean will stay looking new for longer and help retain its value.  Additionally, a car driven in Chicago all winter will have a nasty buildup of caked-on dirt and salt on its underbelly.  You need to make sure you have your car’s underside sprayed off thoroughly to prevent that grime from causing rusting of various components.

2009 Volvo C30

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This week I embarked on a mid-week test drive in the 2009 Volvo C30.  It’s a hatchback.  It’s the lowest priced Volvo.  And a lot of people are saying this Volvo is the most fun to drive of all current Volvo models.  Topping my Volvo S40 experience was going to be tough, but I made sure to give the C30 its fair chance.


By the time I walked around it twice I was really impressed.  By the time I put the car into drive I was blown away.  But it brought up questions.  How had this gem of a vehicle been sitting at the Chicago Volvo dealership without me realizing it?  And how can I rationalize owning a second car?

I was most smitten with the interior of this car.  To think this wouldn’t be a vehicle most people would consider luxury, it sure felt that way sitting in the driver’s seat.

The C30 takes a lot of the S40‘s design.  It has the floating center stack that houses audio and air conditioning controls.  Probably my favorite element was the comfy bucket seats covered by Volvo’s  T-Tek material.  The rear cabin has dual seats (unlike most hatchbacks, which have a rear bench) with enough room to easily accommodate two adults.  My 6’2″ frame was pretty comfortable back there.  The cargo space is about 13 cubic feet and increases to 20 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

Here is great footage of the C30’s sleek, elegant interior:

This car really was a pure joy to drive.  It connects the driver to the road in a nice way.  And I just love this car as an alternative to wagons and smaller hatchbacks.  It in no way sacrifices Volvo style for its low price tag and unique design.  A lot of hatchbacks are pretty bare-boned, focusing on sport over style and comfort.  But I feel like Volvo struck a really nice balance in combining the two.  It’s the most comfortable hatchback out there, for sure.  And while it may not be the sportiest, it still makes it 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds.  And I’ll take this car’s comfort and styling over 0-60 time that’s 0.2 seconds faster.

I also must mention the “Custom Build” program Volvo offers with the C30, allowing car buyers to select custom color schemes and options.  This is the first time Volvo has offered its customers such an opportunity, and it’s another aspect, along with affordability, that should draw young car buyers to the brand.

If you’re looking to buy new Volvo in Chicago, I recommend taking a look at the C30, and doing it now — because you can get a Chicago Volvo C30 right now at the Patrick Volvo dealer in Chicago for a serious discount through April 30.  Until the end of April, Patrick Volvo is offering the 2009 Volvo c30 for $23,540, which is $5,000 off the MSRP.